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The College

Established in 1973, under the proprietorship of the late Buds Nirhoo, Anchorlite College was the pioneer institution to open its doors to a multicultural society, maintaining discipline at its highest level. This legacy has been passed down to his daughter, Mrs. S.D Sewrajh, who has re-established the Anchorlite brand shortly after the sudden decease of Mr Nirhoo.

Anchorlite continues to deliver relevant, affordable and recognised Qualifications across its branches that will lead to employment and promotions within the working environment.

Over the years, Anchorlite College has become a household name amongst various communities, as it continues to grow by setting standards, and paving the way for private education. Anchorlite Independent School, in the interim, has undergone several structural changes, creating direction and vision for the fourth coming years. Further Education and Training (FET) Grade 10, 11 and 12 School curriculums, and have successfully taken FET learners through the process of activities, continued assessments and final National Senior Certificate examinations.

Since opening its doors to equal education for all race groups, Anchorlite has earned the respect of the entire nation, including the South African Government of National Unity when it came into power. This gave rise to an education division for grade 12 and, a Further Education and Training division. The hands-on training approach gives our students the opportunity to work directly within industry, trade and commerce and our variety of courses give students many options in choosing a career path of their choice.


We believe that the use of quality programmes and resources will enhance the confidence, skills and knowledge of our nation so that they may take pride in making a productive contribution in a developing South Africa.


Anchorlite College aims to be a provider of superior education through excellence.

Ethos, Values and Culture

To facilitate quality education and training that is regulated by policies and legislation, by actively participating in the reconstruction and the transformation of the education and training sector in South Africa

Our Ethos

To create a positive environment, one that supports and motivates learners to make an effective contribution to the economy of South Africa

Language of Delivery

Anchorlite College SA recognises that English is the language of business in South Africa, and it is also the primary language of communication globally. We are committed to providing access to many learners as possible. Therefore English is the language of instruction and tuition.

Mode of Delivery

Anchorlite College SA strives to foster a learning environment that enables a learner to pursue a qualification without interrupting their hectic schedules/ lifestyles.

Our modes of delivery include:

Delivery Mode Description
1. Face-face contact studies – Full Time Attend classes from Monday – Friday
2. Face-Face Contact Studies – Part Time Attend classes on Saturday only
3. On- Site work place Training Instruction and delivery will take place at the work place during permitted hours at the work place.
4. On- Site work place Training Instruction and delivery will take place at the work place during permitted hours at the work place.

Academic Support and Leadership

Academic support will be provided by lecturers who are suitably qualified in subject matter content. All delivery modes will be supported by monitoring mechanism to ensure quality teaching and learning prevails through the qualification. On-site work place training will also be monitored at regular intervals to ensure there is compliance with curriculum and learners are adequately prepared for the final examination.

Examination and Assessment

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning, it aims to prepare learners for the external examination. Learner’s final mark will compromise of a combination of formal Assessment tasks and the final examination. Learners will have to complete assessment tasks (tests, assignments or practicals) and also write the final examination.